Woman accused of trying to extort money from ex-Gov. Spitzer

Woman accused of trying to extort money from ex-Gov. Spitzer

Police sources said after Spitzer, 57, left her at the hotel on February 13, she cut herself with a broken glass.

That suit said Spitzer had paid money to stop Travis from making their 'trysts' public, and that her claims of assault were made against him in revenge for him cutting ties with her. He told NBC 4 NY he dropped her as a client because he had ethical issues with her allegations, and the case never proceeded after that. Spitzer denied all accusations and later filed a lawsuit against Travis on the grounds of "claims of common law fraud, fraudulent inducement and unjust enrichment".

Zakharova also was charged with forgery in an unrelated case in which police said she used a 67-year-old Bloomfield, New Jersey man's information and signed a lease agreement that ended up costing him $18,000.

Svetlana Zakharova, 26, was arrested Monday night in New York City and charged with grand larceny by extortion.

She was treated for a cut to her wrist, but decided not to press charges. But she gave conflicting accounts of what happened that night to police and later retracted the accusation before flying back to Russian Federation.

Pictured, Svetlana Travis Zakharova via social media.

Spitzer's lawyer, Adam Kaufmann, said, "We have been informed by the Bronx District Attorney that Ms. Travis has been arrested and charged with extortion-related crimes against Mr. Spitzer and others".

Spitzer, the married father of three daughters, was forced to resign as the state's top executive in March 2008 after he was exposed for hiring hookers.

The one-time 'Sheriff of Wall Street' was even considered presidential material, and became 57th governor of NY in 2007.

Forced to resign, the disgraced politician was reduced to a blunt former shadow of himself.

She allegedly tried to squeeze him for $50,000.

He and his wife, Silda, divorced in 2014. "But Money is Money" in which she describes herself as a 'businesswoman'. Travis was arrested shortly after her return to the country.

In the piece, she boasts that she arrived in NY with just $300, but became successful after building a stable of clients.



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