Scotland needs to depart the sinking ship of Brexit

Scotland needs to depart the sinking ship of Brexit

Yet, just as they did in 2014, the pseudo-left groups are jostling for position as partners of the SNP and the most forthright advocates of "self-determination" for Scotland-supposedly as a staging post for a future "socialist Scotland".

ABERDEEN, Scotland Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon knuckled down on her plan to hold a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom on Saturday, saying Brexit negotiations are destined to fail if Prime Minister Theresa May showed the same attitude to European partners as she had to Scotland.

For May, it's an opportunity to benefit from a tougher line on Scotland in her England heartlands where polling shows there's resentment about perceived special treatment for the Scots.

The SNP has always been committed to the idea of "independence in Europe", wanting to abandon the United Kingdom for European Union membership.

"I don't think you can have an independence referendum again if you don't have public consent for it and the people of Scotland don't want this", she told the BBC.

Mrs Sturgeon said there "was no queue for joining" the EU.

Speaking less than a week after calling for a second referendum on Scottish independence, Sturgeon conceded that her party was now unable to provide answers to key questions.

Her reasoning for doing so is the intransigence of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government in refusing to countenance the prospect of Scotland being given leave to secure a separate arrangement with Brussels, whereby it could retain its membership of the single market regardless of Brexit.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said: "The SNP's case for yet another independence referendum is increasingly feeble with her refusal to guarantee European Union membership". Because there are a million Scottish jobs that are linked to membership of the British single market. "Independence is exactly what Scotland needs in order to rid the birthplace of Adam Smith of socialism once and for all - after a brutal but necessary learning experience".

"Talking Scotland down is their stock in trade".

Scottish government oil sector tax receipts amounted to just £60mn in Fiscal Year 2015/16 if oil revenues are shared on a geographical basis as the Scottish government argues they should be.

A Scottish independence referendum - right in the middle of negotiations - would distract the Government from that task, and perhaps tilt the balance in negotiations towards the EU.

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Pollster ComRes found that 4% of Scottish respondents agreed with the statement: "Theresa May should insist that any second Scottish referendum on independence takes place only once Britain has concluded the process of leaving the EU".

"So if we leave the British single market, which was not the proposal in 2014 of the Scottish National Party, then a more dramatic set of consequences follow".

Brown entered the fray over the region's future Saturday with a speech in Scotland saying Brexit makes the case for Scottish independence weaker, not stronger. Scotland should not be dragged out of Europe by a Tory government intent on a disastrous hard Brexit. Only the SNP gets to decide what the "voice of Scotland" is.

Wales - together with England - voted in favour of leaving the European Union, while Scotland and Northern Ireland opted to remain.

He added: " We know it's rubbish and so do they.

Brexit has presented Scottish nationalism with challenges they must deal with before pressing ahead with their cause.



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