Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo Teases the Ep That Will 'Make Everybody Cry'

Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo Teases the Ep That Will 'Make Everybody Cry'

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 is set to explore a new romance for the widowed doctor Meredith. She also serves as executive producer of the show.

The festivity kicked off by showing episode 18 of Season 13, Pompeo's directorial debut, which will air March 30. "I was more nervous about the technical aspects..." I have the best cast in the world. "I wasn't really afraid of anything". However, she was confronted by Maggie, who implied that she is not yet ready to be with Diane again. "I think major life events enable you to shift your perspective and reevaluate what you think is important to you", Kelly McCreary previewed. They are all often off doing separate things, and there are no huge storylines connecting all of them right now. Judging by this comment, it sounds like she may try to shake things up soon.

The trailer shows Meredith asking Riggs if he is taking her seriously, because she claims that she is not joking. Ellen Pompeo teased during the PaleyFest held March 21, Sunday, that "women have to stick together", Entertainment Weekly quoted the actress as saying.

Will Jackson and April reconcile? According to reports, they will try to hash things out while working together to treat a patient with a trauma condition. "I honestly think the main takeaway is that these two people, there's so much love there, there's so much respect there, they know each other so well, so whether it continues toward romance or stays platonic, we know these two people are going to be OK", Drew says.

As for what's on the horizon, Jesse Williams said he'd love to work more with Eric Roberts, who guested in last week's bottle episode and was revealed to be the father his character, Jackson Avery, never knew.

But while things are looking good for Meredith and Riggs, it may not be the same for Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Their relationship status is currently marked "it's complicated" since Amelia now no longer wants to have kids, which is basically the one reason the relationship between Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh) didn't survive.

The actor notes that the viewers will see his desperation to have a baby. "Owen's really struggling. He's a very tortured guy". Meredith is also seen in another clip urging him to ask her out to dinner. The two had an argument where the latter accused her mom of "meddling with her life".

Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) was asked who he like Alex to end up with - Jo or Meredith?

Reflecting on Arizona's new romance with Eliza, Jessica Capshaw said, "There's a real light and a real energy [to actress Marika Domińczyk]. I've learned from her". "It created a nice springboard for this season. (And What Is He To You?)" scene, she remained vague as to what's really going to happen to Jackson and April's relationship.

"I think about you...a lot".

The future of Grey's? Williams said, "I was excited [about the episode.] It was a big cloud hanging over the character".



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