Papa Roach mock Speaker Paul Ryan over failed healthcare bill

Papa Roach mock Speaker Paul Ryan over failed healthcare bill

After inadvertently becoming the subject of some of that FAKE NEWS you're always hearing about, nu-metal band Papa Roach made a decision to let everyone know exactly how they feel about House Speaker Paul Ryan. However, before you come to the mistaken (but totally hilarious) conclusion that Rep. His "master plan" that was the American Health Care Act, aka Republicare, had to pull his bill from legislation after it was becoming more and more evident that it was not going to get the votes it needed to pass.

The California four-piece were surprisingly linked with Ryan following a doctored tweet that went viral on Friday (March 24). "Within moments, the muffled sound of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" were heard blaring from inside the vehicle as it drove away".

The original tweet, by comedian Justin Halpern, echoed throughout Twitter, unleashing a torrent of Papa Roach references and jokes about Ryan's musical taste.

However, the joke has clearly taken on a life of its own as the real, actual Papa Roach got in on the action with this little tweet. "He is SUCH a tool it was believable". Hearing of the joke, Papa Roach took to Twitter to comment with what may be the ultimate punchline. The joke came in reference of Paul Ryan's earlier - and real - comments that he dreamed of slashing Medicaid and healthcare programs in the United States since he was "drinking out of a keg". He later clarified he liked the band's sound but that the idea Rage Against the Machine was his favorite band was an "urban legend."



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