Census: Young women in US favor jobs outside the home

Census: Young women in US favor jobs outside the home

The data was collected from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey and Current Population Survey.

Here's the good news about young adults in the USA over the past four decades: More of them are working full time and year-round.

The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood report analyzes the differences seen in young adults 18 years to 34 years of age over the last 40 years. Nationally, the number of young people living at home increased by 8 percent during the same time frame. According to the report, that trend reflects a wider shift in attitudes about the importance of work and education over family. "In contrast, more than nine in 10 Americans believe that finishing school and being gainfully employed are important milestones of adulthood". Today, 8 out of 10 people are married by the age of 45.

A closer look at the numbers, though, reveals a gender divide - with young women making economic strides and young men falling behind. In 1975, 25 percent of young men ages 25 to 34 had incomes of less than $30,000 per year. By 2016, it was 41%.

Women working: Women, age 25 to 34, described as "homemakers" dropped 43 percent in 1975 to 14 percent for the most recent estimates, in 2016.

In fact, young female workers have been driving the growth of the young workforce in the USA since 1975.

1 in 3 young Americans lives with a parent or parents.

The report shows that young adults think educational and economic achievements are milestones of adulthood more important than marriage and parenthood, which 11.5 percent and 10.4 percent of young adults said were "extremely important", compared to 61.5 percent who said the same of completing formal schooling and 51.5 percent who said the same for being employed full-time.

The report shows that 24 million 18- to 34-year-olds lived in their parents' home in 2015, the most on record.

41% of young families had a student debt in 2013, up from 17% in 1989 and the amount owed on those loans has nearly tripled.

Young adults may be delaying marriage but that doesn't mean they aren't finding love.

"Of young people living in their parents' home, 1 in 4 are idle, that is they neither go to school nor work". The lack of financial independence among young people.

It is also important to note these trends fluctuate among different demographic groups. But they are also more likely to be caring for their own child or a family member or to have some sort of disability.

Many analysts had expected that as the economy improved, younger adults would increasingly move out on their own, either living independently or starting families. "Today's young adults take longer to experience these milestones".



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