Steve Fisher retiring as basketball coach

Steve Fisher retiring as basketball coach

He missed the NCAA Tournament only twice in his tenure at MI, finishing as the runner-up in the national championship game in back-to-back years in 1991-92 and 1992-93. But after 495 career victories, Fisher has made a decision to hang it up.

"It's just weird. Whenever you think basketball, you think Fisher", said SDS Senior volleyball player Alexiz Cage.

Fisher finishes his career with a 495-288 overall record and 386 wins at the helm of San Diego State.

Fisher posted a 571-290 record in 27 years as a college coach.

The 2011 season, Fisher led his San Diego State squad to a 34-3 record, with a roster that included budding sophomore star Kawhi Leonard, who went on to be Fisher's best National Basketball Association prospect along with names like Chris Webber and Jalen Rose. I have to go here.”.

Dutcher said he turned down chances to become head coach elsewhere. Dutcher later moved downstate when his father took over at Eastern Michigan before going on to coach at Michigan and Minnesota. He then was a graduate assistant at IL, before getting an assistant head coaching position at South Dakota State University.

Nearly every key player is back, meaning that Dutcher has a good chance to sustain what Fisher built and keep the Aztecs relevant for years to come.

The transformation Fisher engineered during his 18 seasons at San Diego State is the most underappreciated element of his decorated coaching career. He's credited with recruiting the Fab Five.

That journey for Fisher may be over, but for Dutcher, who has been on Fisher's staff since 1989 while at the University of MI, it's a new chapter as he takes the reins to a West Coast powerhouse he and his predecessor have built since their arrival on campus in 1999.

Fisher then coached the Fab Five, overseeing one of the transcendent collections of talent in the college game.

"I'm really stunned that he retired because he had a lot of good years left", said Chris Webber, who played under Fisher with the Wolverines.

"As much as I'm going to miss him, I'm excited for him as well", he said. In 2011, SDSU guard Kawhi Leonard was named consensus All-American.

He had one year remaining on a three-year contract extension he signed in November 2014.

Dutcher has been associate head coach-head coach in waiting since 2011.

Fisher seemed to be up in the air on whether he wanted to continue coaching into his golden years.

"They say the hardest distance to travel in basketball is that 18 inches from the assistant coaching chair to the head coaching chair".



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