Supreme Court, with Gorsuch onboard, hears church-state case

Supreme Court, with Gorsuch onboard, hears church-state case

Interestingly, oral arguments were delayed for more than a year after Justice Antonin Scalia died. "Justice Gorsuch, we wish you a long and happy career in our common calling", Roberts said.

Precisely at 10 a.m Monday, Gorsuch joined his new colleagues in appearing from behind the regal burgundycurtains to take his seat. And the new justice showed he had clear views on how the cases should be resolved.

The first of Monday's three one-hour oral arguments is a employment dispute in which a former U.S. Census Bureau worker argues he was forced into retirement against his will.

On April 6, 2017 the infamous "nuclear option" was invoked in the Senate, thus allowing for the confirmation of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, now Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch asked during the first argument, a highly technical case about which court federal employees go to with some discrimination claims.

Gorsuch later sparred with justice department lawyer Brian Fletcher over the meaning of the Civil Service Reform Act, sticking to his reputation for focusing on the text of the law. "What am I missing?"

He then apologized to the lawyes and his fellow justices for taking up so much time, a theme he'd return to repeatedly.

For a reader looking to get caught up on Justice Gorsuch's writings, these opinions are a good start, but they're not the whole story.

The new justice also channeled Scalia in the earnestness of some of his exchanges.

If the justices agree, "the decision could have implications far beyond scrap tires and playgrounds", said Michael Bindas of the Institute for Justice, which is backing the church. Gorsuch did not recuse himself from the case but chose not to ask Katyal any questions.

Exactly what part, Gorsuch wanted to know, of the federal statute at issue provided for the path that Landau was advocating?

"Both the Colorado and Missouri Blaine Amendments share discriminatory, anti-Catholic origins that make their contemporary use to compel religious discrimination particularly unacceptable", lawyer Paul Clement wrote on behalf of the Colorado county.

Dvoretzky said it depends on what relief the original plaintiff was seeking.

"I hope so, too", Landau said. Gorsuch waited only seven minutes before asking his first question, and following four of his more senior colleagues, according to a correspondent for McClatchy.

Dvorestzky argued that his client, Laroe Estates, was intervening in the case to maximize the relief of the property owner, with whom it had contracted to buy the land. "Now Justice Gorsuch will be able to weigh in on these cases addressing
issues from transgender bathrooms and workplace discrimination to redistricting and environmental policy".

That strategy paid off when Trump won the White House and Republicans retained their Senate majority.

In Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. v. Sebelius, Mr Gorsuch found that business owners with strongly-held religious beliefs are not required to provide insurance coverage for their employees' contraceptives. President Donald Trump nominated him at the end of January. Speaking for all, Justice Samuel Alito called the law in question "unbelievably complicated" and hard to parse.



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