Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

The Echo doesn't yet recognize different voices, so Alexa can't retrieve more personal information for different accounts. The speaker will finally be able to support multiple Google accounts, rectifying one of my biggest gripes with the device when I first reviewed it five months ago.

Google's multi-user announcement follows a February report by Time indicating that Amazon is working on similar technology for its Alexa voice assistant. Similarly, if you signed in with Google Play Music, only one person's playlists could be accessed.

While Google didn't have any official comment about this, this new feature may also finally open up a path to bringing some of the Google Assistant features like creating notes, reminders and events that are now missing on Home (but available on Android, for example).

Shortly after being teased a few days ago, Google is rolling out a sorely-needed feature for Google Home: multiple user functionality.

You'll need the latest Google Home app to get started.

After connecting your account through the Google Home app, multi-user support will now respond based on the voice profile of users allowing individually tailored responses for queries like "Hey Google, tell me about my day".

Moreover, you can set your personalized music and commute through the Google Home App.

This is a major new feature that'll make Google Home a much better product.

Google explained how it works in a Thursday blog post: "When you connect your account on a Google Home, we ask you to say the phrases "OK, Google" and "Hey, Google" two times each".

After connecting their accounts, each user will have to go through the usual hotword training, reciting "OK Google" to the device three times. With that said, we're just getting started and we won't be flawless.

Still, leaving your kids alone with Google Home might not be your safest bet.

Since its launch last fall, Google Assistant on Google Home has become able to answer questions, provide personal info (like calendar or flight information), and convey a unique personality.

Today, Google Home closed some of that gap with the Echo.

Google said that it will use its network to "compare the sound of your voice to its previous analysis so we can understand if it's you speaking or not".

Google: How does multiuser support work?

It will expand to the United Kingdom in the coming months. Your voice is then analyzed by a neural network, and the device should recognize it thereafter.



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