Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses and costs $18000

Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses and costs $18000

Both cameras will be released in June and while the YI HALO still doesn't have a firm price tag attached to it, the YI 360 VR has been confirmed to retail for $399.

The Xiaomi-backed camera company has been making waves in the action camera industry, courtesy of its affordable and consumer-friendly products.

The Yi Halo is a $17,999 17-camera monster capable of shooting stereoscopic video in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second, or 5.8K at 60 frames per second. The said 4K camera setup is the company's first crack at the VR and 360 cameras, where it seems to have the sweet spot. It can capture 360-degree video at 30 frames per second in 5.7K resolution, slightly edging out the 5.2K resolution of Fusion, the spherical camera GoPro announced last week. It has been created to generate 8K x 8K stereoscopic VR content, as well as 6K x 6K content.

Virtual reality provides incredible new opportunities for creators. One is for professionals - it's called the Yi Halo, and it was made in partnership with Google. The system can push firmware updates simultaneously to all 17 cameras with one click, too, and all settings can be controlled wirelessly with an Android device, which will also give you a live preview.

To that end, the Yi Halo will be available starting today as part of a limited access program called Jump Start. Yi Technology has achieved another first with the inclusion of this camera in the rig. The entire rig weighs less than eight pounds. This enables the stitching software (we'll talk about in a moment) to paint more realistic, 3D scenery using the captured video. Everyone else can buy the Yi Halo later this summer. Importantly, 16 of them are spaced equidistant around the outside of the rig.

The YiHalo will sell for $17,000 this summer and is closely integrated with Google's Jump System, a cloud-based stitching solution meant to remove manual intervention from stereoscopic 360-degree video production. It was aimed to promote content on its own VR platform, Daydream, which it debuted just past year.

Back in 2015 at I/O, and just after announcing Cardboard, Google rolled out Jump.

The tech behind how Jump stitches the images together is pretty cool, but it's even cooler seeing it in action.

These rigs make heavy use of Google's data centers to seamlessly stitch together artifact-free footage in a few hours.

The Halo VR rig uses Google's Jump Assembler for seamless video stitching.

Applications for the Jump Start program are open today.



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