'Spicy's back!': 'SNL' has McCarthy's Spicer meet with Baldwin's Trump

'Spicy's back!': 'SNL' has McCarthy's Spicer meet with Baldwin's Trump

Lisa Kadonaga, a university professor, poses for a photo with a cutout she made from a photograph of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in Victoria, British Columbia, Monday, May 15, 2017.

NBC would not comment on the video.

SPICER: I think - I said - I was very clear that the president would have nothing further on that last week.

"The only Russian thing is my dolly", Spicey says, holding the biggest doll, President Trump. When it was announced that she would be hosting the May 13th SNL episode with musical guest Haim, everyone immediately knew that we would be seeing more of "Spicy".

In her latest viral as Spicer; McCarthy gets upset when asked about being replaced and goes to find Trump.

What followed was an epic trip to New York's Trump Tower, which saw McCarthy's Spicer riding a motorized podium through the streets of NY, only to be redirected to a golf course in New Jersey, where Baldwin's Trump was playing with a toy.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued to defend his decision to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, saying it was his decision entirely, in an interview last week with NBC's Lester Holt.

Spicer's chief critics are the liberal media who are looking for any excuse to attack President Trump. Unfortunately, Trump was at "a golf course in New Jersey".

The Garden Spicer could be called a political lawn ornament: a printout of Spicer's face placed strategically in bushes to make it look like he is peering out of them.

"Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?"

"It's been really odd because I just never expected to get quite this much in the way of attention, but I'm just really happy people seem to be enjoying it", she said.



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