Tucker vs NYC Councilman: Worry About Your City's Problems, Not Trump's Taxes

Tucker vs NYC Councilman: Worry About Your City's Problems, Not Trump's Taxes

Kellyanne Conway cancelled an appearance on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday night after it was announced that a special prosecutor would be appointed to head up the investigation into President Trump's ties to Russian Federation. "Do you think the president should release tax returns?".

Trump developed the Ferry Point golf links on city land near Throgs Neck, Bronx, and "Trump" is both in the property's name and conspicuously featured in shrubbery facing Interstate 678.

Carlson said Johnson's law would amount to an abuse of power, since it's aimed at an individual, but then the host took aim at Penn Station, which is in Johnson's district. Now it's ok if you don't like Trump, I'm not mad about that.

Carlson said NY has bigger problems than Trump's tax returns, pointing to the city's decriminalization of public urination and abundance of potholes.

Have you been to Penn Station recently?

When Johnson said Penn Station was in his jurisdiction, Carlson remarked, "Penn Station is in your district and you're anxious about Trump's tax returns?". Carlson asked. "It's like a homeless shelter". That is, a break to talk about the bathrooms at New York City's Penn Station. Are you joking? Have you been in the men's room there?

"Well you've got bigger problems", Carlson retorted. Dead serious question: "Have you been in the men's room in Penn Station?" We won the Gay Games gold medal together in 2006 - I was the quarterback and he was my center - one of my fondest sports memories. "We need an independent prosecutor, that's what we need", Johnson concluded.

When Johnson made a crack about avoiding men's rooms, Carlson became even more enraged. And you're the guy in charge of that.



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